Courts Rule on the Use of Fertilized Embryos Without Both Partners’ Consent

March 12, 2006

babyhandThe European Court of Human Rights has ruled that an infertile woman cannot use her previously fertilized embryos without the consent of her former fiance. Natalie Evans and her fiance undertook the first stages of in vitro fertilization shortly before starting therapy for ovarian cancer that left her infertile in 2001. Evans is now interested in implantation of one of the stored embryos in order to bear a child, however, the couple are no longer together and Evans’ former fiance withdrew consent for the procedure.

The court’s ruling upholds a British law which stipulates that both of the partners must consent to all stages of the in vitro fertilization process. Evans and a number of pro-life groups have argued that the embryos have a right to life independent of the male partner’s decision.

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4 Responses to “Courts Rule on the Use of Fertilized Embryos Without Both Partners’ Consent”

  1. Marsha Says:

    seems to me if he already consented to have them fertilized in the first place, then he consented. I suppose there is always two sides to a story. He does have a right to change his mind. Maybe they can come to an agreement.

  2. jameswillisisthebest Says:

    This is my first post
    just saying HI

  3. The Truth Says:

    God created the first woman as a companion and helper of Adam the first man [Genesis 2:18], He decreed that a man will leave his father and mother, cling to his wife and the two will become one flesh. Out of this union comes the fruit of their love which is their children as an expression of their love for each other and as the response to God’s command “be fruitful and multiply” [Genesis 1:28]

    It is by the grace of God that the gift of procreation has been given to a man and a woman with the objective of glorifying God by having children begotten in His image who will also glorify Him.The last part of creation was the creation of human beings which reflect the perfections of their maker. God is the true author of life, and even though we cooperate in the proliferation of life by the union of man and woman, life depends entirely upon the holy will of God. [Job 12:9-10] 9 Who is ignorant that the hand of the Lord hath made all these things? 10 In whose hand is the soul of every living thing, and the spirit of all flesh of man

  4. poelonsex Says:

    Lots of of folks talk about this topic but you said some true words.

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